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How to drilling down into the data
How to drilling down into the data
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Use cases of the drill downs

1. Fixed hard code database drill downs

Fixed drill downs are preset and store in the database and they try will follow predefined logic like start from the “Store” next level have set “Sales person” and then “Product category”.

2. Dynamic user driven Drill downs

Dynamic drill downs can follow preset logic from database but user can overdrive it with own selections by using “Drilling to:” - selection options.
Use will can use dynamic options in the user session when push “Apply” -button and user can store selected options to the profile when push “Save” -button

Benefits of the dynamic drill downs

Drill downs path is now visible and it will set dynamic filters that have made manually earlier. User selections can be temporary or can save to default.

The hierarchy tree doesn’t include the attribute level, in other words the features of the product (colour, size).

When you drill down into the fixed graphs by clicking the chart complies with this hierarchy:

  • Category

    • Category

    • Subcategory

    • Product

    • EAN code

  • Organization

    • Area

    • (Channel)

    • Store

    • Sales Person

  • Time

    • Year

    • (Quarter)

    • Month

    • (Week)

    • Day

    • Hour

2. Dynamic user configurable drill down paths.

Dynamic paths are set in the user interface during the user session and can be temporary or save to the default for the user.

After you have open from "arrow down" -icon detail dimension graph select any of the dimensions present in the options and "Apply" to use it in the user session or "Save" it for default when ever you come back to the same graph.

Use graph to drill down to the details by click to the any of the bars or click "View report" to show it.
In the report you can continue to drill deeper to the dimension by click of the graph or change drill down option by select option again from the menu and again either "Apply" it for current session or "Save" option for your user default.

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