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How to define a new email report
How to define a new email report
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Email reports are in the Analytics Post Definitions tab in Company settings.

Admin users can create new email reports that they and other users can subscribe to. Reports are combined from sections where you can define your metrics, perspectives and filters.

These are the step by step instructions to create a new email report:

  1. Click the New Analytics Post Definition button, and the following screen opens:

  2. Choose the title (subject line) of your email report

  3. You can use default report type, or create your own with the custom selection.

  4. Select Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)

  5. Select Global filters that will affect every section.

  6. To build a per-store email (separate email sent for each store), choose the checkbox to Limit sections to only show data for the user’s default store(s). Otherwise, one email will include aggregate data for all permitted stores.

  7. Add sections that are shown in the analytics post. This is the choice of section types:

  8. Each section allows you to choose a metric, and in some section types, other choices will be available (time period, comparison, grouping, display type, etc). The "Compare to budget" comparison option is available only with sections "Top Section" and "Time series“ with the metric "Sales (VAT)".

  9. There is an Edit filter button allows you to further filter each specific section.

  10. Preview the report to see what it looks like in real time.

  11. Save your report.

In Preview, you can also send an example email to your own mailbox. Close preview with Cancel.

Saved reports are available in the Users tab, where you can edit the user to subscribe them to regular email reports.

Please also see the “Email Configurator Demo” video from our Zoined Retail Analytics YouTube channel, below.

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